registration opening 1 february 2024

- Limit 25 places

What is included?

What is not included?

      (For the issuing of the invoice, in accordance with the current tax regulations (Law 37/1992. Art.69. One. 1º / Art.70. One. 7º c) registrations for the race made by legal entities or professionals, domiciled in Spain, will be subject to VAT, and as a consequence, 21% VAT will have to be added to the indicated price, which will have to be paid by the company.

Registrations made by non-legal persons (i.e. individuals) are not subject to VAT, in accordance with the aforementioned regulations, and therefore, if we issue invoices in the name of each of the persons registered for the race, these would be exempt from VAT.

Cancellation policy

         When registering you can choose “Refund Protection” (for a fee), which will cover your payments in case you are unable to attend the event, otherwise our cancellation policy will apply.