We recommend that you carry a front and rear light on your bike for the road sections or in case it gets dark on any of the stages.

We recommend carrying a small bikepacking bag for supplies, powerbank, tools, etc. ….and hydration backpack

It is mandatory to carry a minimum of 2 litres. We recommend carrying more than this amount in case it is necessary due to the heat.

It depends on the duration of your GPS.  It is advisable to carry it.

The WHO does not suggest any type of vaccination to travel to Morocco.

You should take the ones you normally use. We also recommend carrying some specific medicine for the travellers’ diarrhoea, in case it is necessary.

Apart from your cycling equipment for the stage, we recommend that you take something appropriate for the high mountain passes (windbreaker or light waterproof jacket). For the rest of the day, comfortable and light clothing. Also take something warm in case the nights at the campsites are cool. Don’t forget your swimming costume!

Across Atlas 180 runs through different altitudes and areas. The most common is to find temperatures ranging from 12º C to 30º C and little chance of rain.

The event is designed so that you have everything you need at each stage, with refreshment posts and also local shops are available, but you can bring whatever you think is convenient.

Yes, we recommend local currency for purchasing in local shops and cafes.  Drinks in the hotels will have to be paid at the time of ordering.  However, some hotels accept Euros or US dollars. We recommend exchanging local currency at the airport (the exchange rate is poor), or using ATMs or banks in Marrakech.

It will be provided by the organization.

Yes, an online tracking platform will be provided where your family and friends can follow your progress and location in real-time during the stage. However, it is important to ensure that GPS tracker is charged and turned on throughout the entire stage.

We attach a link with the countries that do not require a visa to enter Morocco. For other countries, please check the website of the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the same Ministry of your country.