FIRST TARIFF (UNTIL 30-03-2024): 1,500 EUROS
SECOND TARIFF (FROM 31-03-2024 TO 30-06-2024): 1,600 EUROS

– Participation in the Across Atlas 180 event
– Accommodation and meals from dinner on the 23rd to the night of the 28th (included).
– Luggage transfer between stages.
– Return to Marrakech (day 28) after the last stage (day 27).
– Transfer of the participant and his bike at the end of the stage, in case of abandonment.
– Liquid and solid supplies during the stages.

Will the route be signposted?

 The stages will not have any kind of sign. The organization will provide, days before the start of the event, a GPX track to follow the route.

Is Across Atlas a competitive event?

We want Across Atlas to be a cycling event to enjoy the route, the landscape and the environment, where you will discover something new with every ride.

It is not a competitive event. 

Across Atlas is a real cycling adventure.

Will there be refreshment points on the stages?

Before starting you will receive 3 litres of water and a bag with refreshments for the stage. In some of them there will be a small additional refreshment station with local products and on stages where necessary there will also be a hydration point.

We recommend that you stock up on water and food in the local shops and bars along the route. For this, we suggest carrying some local currency. Currency can be exchanged upon arrival at the airport or in banks in town.

In the briefing prior to each stage, the characteristics of the stage, the places where you can stock up on supplies and the refreshment and hydration points will be indicated.

What time will the start time be?

During the briefing the day before, the start time of the next stage will be announced.

How many kilometres does each stage have?

The stages have an average of 100 km per day.

How steep will the stages be?

Crossing the Atlas Mountains will not be an easy task. The elevation gains on some days can exceed 3,000 metres, reaching mountain passes that will be around 2,000 metres above sea level.

What type of terrain will you encounter?

The terrain is 80% off road with no special technical difficulties, both for gravel bikes and mountain bikes (which are also welcome).

We recommend that you prepare for these conditions.

Will there be checkpoint controls during the stages?

In your welcome pack you will find the “Across Atlas Card” which you must present for stamping at the designated points and at the end of each stage.

What happens if I don’t finish one of the stages?

If, for any reason, you have had to abandon on any of the stages, you will be able to start the next day. We will take you and your bike to the end of the stage.

What happens if I abandon definitively?

In the event of a definitive abandonment, the organization commits to taking you to the end of each stage within the logistics caravan. The bicycle will be transported to the hotel of the last stage where your suitcase or transport box awaits.

If you decide to abandon the race and not continue with us, you can choose to stay in a hotel until all the stages are finished or return home. These costs will be at your expense.

What are the dates of the event?

23-Sep-2024 Departure from Marrakech

28-Sep-2024 Arrival in Marrakech

How to get to Morocco?

Your adventure starts from a hotel located in the city of Marrakech. You can reach the international airport (RAK) from your country of origin. You can also come in your vehicle.  If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask.

How to get to the departure hotel?

If you have flown into Marrakech, you can take a taxi to the departure hotel. Some taxis have roof racks to carry your bike box or suitcase. The price is approximately 150 dirhams.

We will give you the name of the hotel and the address a few weeks before the start.

Where will I sleep?

We will stay in hotels, in shared double rooms and during the High Atlas stages in mountain hostels that have all the necessary services for our stay. Full board, from dinner on 22 September to dinner on 28 September in Marrakech.

How do I move my luggage between stages?

We will take care of your luggage every day. It will be waiting for you at the end of each stage.

How will we get back to Marrakech after the last stage?

The organisation will provide transport for all participants and their bicycles to return to Marrakech on the 28th. We will return to the same hotel where the suitcases/boxes of the bikes will be waiting for us.

If you need to return earlier, you can do it by your own means. Ouazarzate has an airport, bus lines and taxi service that you can use.

What shall I do with my bike box or suitcase?

The suitcases/boxes for transporting the bicycle will be left at the departure hotel in Marrakech, so that we can pick them up on our return on the 28th.

How to recharge your electronic devices?

You will be able to recharge all your electronic devices in all the accommodations we will have along the route (European plug).

Can I use my mobile phone during the route?

In general, almost the entire route has coverage. Check with your operator for roaming charges.

You can also buy a local telephone card when you arrive at the airport.  Most operators will give you one free of charge

  • Across Atlas 180 is designed for you to enjoy the environment while cycling and to create your own adventure.
  • Across Atlas 180 is a multi-stage gravel or mountain bike event taking place in Morocco from 23th to 28th, September
  • it will consist of 5 stages. if for any reason you drop out of any of them, you will be able to start the next day.
  • A mandatory tracking route will be provided for each of the stages that make up this adventure. In case of having to leave the route during its tracking, it must be resumed at the point where it was left. To do so, it is necessary and essential the use of a GPS device.
  • Across Atlas 180 is a sporting event that takes place on sections open to road traffic. The traffic laws and regulations established by Morocco are mandatory. Their non-compliance releases the Across Atlas 180 organization of any responsibility.  Such responsibility is exclusively that of the participant.
  • During each stage, participants are obliged to always carry the tracker provided by the organisation. This point is essential to guarantee the cyclist’s safety. Failure to comply may result in immediate expulsion from the race without the right to a refund of any amount.
  • It is only permitted to participate with bicycles assisted by the force of the rider’s legs, without the possibility of electric or any other similar aids.
  • Participation is open to any cyclist, who must be at least 18 years old at the time of starting the race.
  • The use of a homologated cycling helmet is mandatory during the entire course of all the stages.
  • During the route it is compulsory to deposit your rubbish in the places that the organisation, shops and locals have set up for this purpose.
  • Contracted mechanical assistance can only be received at the end of the stage at hotels and campsites, never during the stage.
  • Each participant will accept the rules contained in this regulation at the time of formalizing their registration, and may be disqualified if they do not do so.
  • The Organization is exempt from any responsibility for the acts that the participant may cause by the non-compliance with the rules contained in this regulation.
  • The Organization of Across Atlas 180 reserves the right to modify any point of these regulations.


  • Gravel or mountain bike
  • GPS device
  • Homologated helmet
  • Survival blanket
  • Whistle
  • Capacity to carry a minimum of 2 litres of water
  • Bicycle spare parts:
  • Inflation pump
  • Spare inner tubes
  • Patches and glue
  • Tyre lever set
  • Multi-tool


  • Rear and front light
  • Power bank or dynamo
  • Tubeless wheels with puncture-proof liquid
  • Chain lubricant oil
  • Suitable clothing for mountain passes
  • Sunscreen and lip balm (+50)
  • Spare rear derailleur hanger

The organisation will provide accident and repatriation insurance for each participant.

Price: 150 euros
What is included?

  • Adjustment and tuning, if necessary, after unpacking the bike on day 0.
  • Cleaning, lubrication, inspection and adjustment at the end of the 1st-2nd-3rd and 4th stage.
  • Labour included for any spare parts that need to be replaced.
  • Necessary parts and spare parts will be paid separately from the service and will be paid at the time of installation. Cash or secure credit card payment.
  • Spare rear derailleur hanger required.

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